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Maximus  Quality Cleaning Services

Our goal is to keep your office  in a clean and orderly condition.

Our main focus is to deliver impeccable, consistent quality janitorial services.

Offering complete cleaning services at competitive cost.

To assure satisfaction, we installed a custom Management Program to be consistent in the cleaning quality, and to show our commitment in what we do best, “cleaning services”. 

The client satisfaction is our primary goal. We have a 24-hour support system, which guarantees a quick response.

Office Cleaning Service





Steam cleaning carpets

Steam cleaning furniture

Polishing furniture

Wiping down outside appliances

Cleaning inside and under the refrigerator and other appliances

Washing coffee cups in the break room

Emptying garbage bins

Providing new bags for all garbage/recycling bins

Restocking toilet paper

Restocking paper towels

Cleaning carpets/rugs

Changing pet litter boxes (if your office allows pets!)

Disinfecting bathrooms

Cleaning windows and mirrors

Watering plants


Polishing floors

Stain removal

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